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You must see the Neo-Romanesque Jewish synagogue from
the 19th Century, if only for its unusual interior Moorish elements.

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Opening hours January — December Út — Ne: 10:00 - 17:00 h
Po: zavřeno

Admission Full 50 CZK Children, students,
senior citizens
25 CZK

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The former synagogue dates from 1868. Some 20 years later it was renovated by the Viennese architect Max Fleisher. After the war it served only as warehouse – its original lustre only returned following large-scale reconstruction between 1997 and 1999.

This memorial to the extinct Jewish community in Břeclav is nowadays a protected national monument and a venue for exhibitions and cultural events. You must go to the synagogue, just to see its Moorish-style interior.

There is a permanent exhibition of Jewish community in Břeclav here. But you can also visit one of the current exhibitions.

+420 731 428 260

Synagoga v Břeclavi
Synagoga v Břeclavi v noci v zimě
Synagoga a Lichtenštejnský dům v Břeclavi


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