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Archeopark Pavlov

In the Palaeolithic era Homo sapiens chased after mammoths.
Now there is the extraordinary Building of the Year 2016.

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An exceptional architectural building was established on the site of a unique archaeological excavation. The sunken exhibition rooms covering an area of more than 500 m2 will show you how people lived and hunted 30,000 years ago.

At that time the local area flickered as a civilization and cultural centre: the production of ceramics, weaving of fabrics, stone grinding… The largest and oldest collection of skeletal remains of modern man is here.

Come on a journey to prehistory

Archeopark Pavlov - stavby nad zemí
Archeopark Pavlov - pohled z interiéru ven
Archeopark Pavlov - vnitřní prostory
Archeopark Pavlov - expozice, lebky
Archeopark Pavlov - vnitřní prostory s expozicí
Archeopark Pavlov - Věstonická Venuše

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