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Nové Mlýny

The most important area for fishermen in the south of Moravia.
For other people who come here, it’s a “bit like the sea”.

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When the system of three reservoirs was built between 1975 and 1989, Mušov village, together with the floodplain forests, ended up submerged. However, in their place a flood prevention structure and a paradise for fishermen, windsurfers and families with children were created.

This massive complex has over time become a symbol of the local region. The three reservoirs – Mušov, Věstonice and Nový Mlýny – cover an area of 3,226 hectares. Be careful of the depth: in places this is up to 8 metres.

Nové mlýny
Nové mlýny
Nové mlýny

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